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My Services

As a novice designer, I would love to grow my portfolio and skills. For that reason, I want to provide low-cost design services to satisfy the customer and gain more experience. Please feel free to message me to learn more about what I can design for you!


Infographic Design

  • Logo redesign

  • Poster design

  • Business card

  • Brochure

  • Label design

  • Banner design

  • T-shirt design

  • Etc...


Social Media Manager

Keeping up with your business's social media pages can be a hassle! I can help you keep them updated, looking pretty, and connect you to customers. My services include a one-time purchase of a photo session/infographic design if you need content to post, a monthly content creation package that provides multiple sessions for pictures and designs, and finally, a membership where I become your social media manager including photo sessions and designs.


Photo Session

Coming up with content to post can be hard! I can help you by scheduling an hour-long photo session where we will take pictures of you, your business, your products or services, events, and customers. The choice of where and what is up to you! 

camera trans.png

Message Me!

For inquires & more information, contact me below.

Thank you for contacting me!

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