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My Past & Current Projects

Advanced Advertising Branding Project for a Niche Market

In my Advanced Advertising class, my group and I had an assignment where we had to come up with a unique donut company that targets a niche segment of the market. I came up with the brand name and logo for our project, called Disco Donuts.

The "company," Disco Donuts, provided high-quality donuts for dessert connoisseurs, music lovers, and dance enthusiasts. Our positioning statement was as follows, "We combined our taste in donuts, and in music, to bring customers a truly unique experience. We want to travel back to the age of boogying under the disco ball where you can meet new acquaintances and share fun nights with friends, all while devouring delicious music-era-themed donuts."

On the right, I included the logo I designed and a mockup design for our signature donut that we would sell.

disco donuts.png

Jackie Stiles & NexGen Social Media Assistant

  • Instagram

While taking Principles of Advertising, in spring of 2023, my professor held an open Zoom meeting with women’s basketball legend, Jackie Stiles and her manager Chelsie. During the meeting, students could email Jackie to have the opportunity to assist her with social media for her new gym opening, NexGen Fitness. I contacted Jackie right away and was hired informally as her social media assistant the next week. I worked under Jackie’s manager Chelsie to post and create content on her personal Instagram and NexGen Fitness Instagram.

This experience has amplified my love for marketing and advertising. I have always been interested in social media, but this opportunity has shown me how I could make a career out of being a social media content creator. I enjoyed making poster designs, infographics, and reels for Jackie, and I would love to continue in the future with others.

On the right, are a poster and Instagram post I designed for Jackie.

JS Shirt.png
Jackie Stiles Camp.png

Queen City Typewriter's Logo

  • Instagram

During my time as a member of Missouri State University’s Entrepreneurship Club, I had the opportunity to network with local entrepreneurial students. I offered to my fellow members that I was majoring in marketing and advertising, and I could assist anyone and their businesses with logo redesigns, poster designs, or social media ideas. The owner of Queen City Typewriters, Michael Frisbie, reached out to me and we set up a meeting for a logo redesign session. I made around a dozen mockups of potential logo designs, and he ended up choosing the one I designed on the right. This experience was so much fun and fulfilling. I felt so fortunate to be able to gain experience while also helping a small business grow.


Entrepreneurship Club Logo

  • Instagram

I joined Entrepreneurship Club at Missouri State University in fall of 2022. A semester later, I started the club’s social media account to showcase our members and grow our membership. I wanted other entrepreneurial students to be aware of our club and the impact we are trying to create. We want a safe space for young business owners and eager students who would be interested in starting a business one day. At the end of the spring 2023 semester, I was officially voted in as the club’s Chief Marketing Officer. My duties include keeping our social media up to date, creating awareness of the club, and to create infographics for club open houses.

On the right, is a post I designed for the Club's Instagram and the logo I designed for the club.

ENT Club 3.png

Collective Theme Advertising Posters

In Principles of Advertising, we had an assignment called The Rothschild Raspberry Salsa Case, where we were tasked to create a series of three magazine/infographic pieces that created a collective theme for the brand. We had to create more awareness and educate the customer on how to get the product and what the product is. I played around with the idea of Rothschild Raspberry Salsa being on social media and what that would look like. The salsa’s bright and fun color gave me inspiration for the color palette and lively design. I had so much fun designing these three posters and loved being a part of this project. Later, my professor personally told me how my designs were one of her favorite submissions she has ever seen and will use it for future reference.


Short & Sweet Marketing Promo Project

In Principles of Marketing, our final project was to create a formal marketing plan for our own small business. My partner and I created a small photography business for college students called 417 Snaps. We had to write an executive summary, environmental analysis, S.W.O.T analysis, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, target market segmentation profiles, product branding, pricing strategy, cost strategy, and my favorite, a promotional video. I directed, filmed, and designed the promotional video which earned us one of the top three most liked projects in our class. I enjoyed creatively thinking about the best way to showcase our service and how to target college students.

417 Snaps.png
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